Green Tea Detox Bath

One of the most nurturing things we can do for ourselves is to take a beautiful warm bath and have some me-time. And to step that up a notch I like to add some relaxing and detoxing ingredients into the mix. Continue reading


Sud-denly soapy over here.

The other day entered the world of soap making, and it is safe to say I haven’t seen the last of it yet. Theres something so fulfilling about making your own things, whether it is your own cosmetics, clothes or even tomato sauce. One day I would love to make all the products I use. I have taken a few more steps along that journey and these are the beauties that emerged: 

Clean yourself up with the rainbow! Seems quite fitting with the beaut new same-sex marriage laws in America.

It was so fun making these rectangles of cleanliness. My inner-creater came out shinning like a beacon. Putting in flowers, clay, herbs and oils, I could see myself getting right into this on a regular basis. But for now, I’ve got soap that should last me to the end of the year!

Ingredients in soaps: (From left to right)

Green Tea & Lavender healing bar:
Aloe vera, calendula flowers, lavender flowers, oats, papaya oil, evening primrose oil, green tea leaves and camomile water.

Golden Calendula rejuvenating bar:
Calendula infused oil, camomile water, calendula flowers, sweet orange water, witch hazel, white clay and avocado oil.

Orange and Poppy Seed exfoliating bar:
Red clay, poppy seeds, jojoba oil, carrot oil and sweet orange water.

Honey & Oat moisturising bar:
Goats milk, macadamia oil, honey, oats, white clay, homemade moisturiser and vanilla.

Lavender lullaby bar:
Lavender flowers, calendula flowers, lavender oil, camomile water, white clay, goats milk and homemade moisturiser.

Coffee Bean bar:
Ground coffee, vanilla, goats milk, white clay, homemade moisturiser and macadamia oil.

I’m using the orange and poppy seed bar at the moment, and I have got to keep reminding myself not to take a bite out of it. It is quite luxurious.

Apparently soap making runs in my blood. My great grandmother used to make soap for her whole family. To be honest, it was brown and might not have been as exciting as my new rainbow goodies brimming with herbal extracts. But she made the real deal from scratch. What a legend.

Some more DIY projects are definitely on the horizon, stay tuned!