Week eight, what’s on my plate?

It’s the last week of the sugar free challenge for me, but that doesn’t really mean a lot as I’m determined to make this a normal part of my diet and lifestyle.

Since I am writing this on the 15th of July, it has just become apparent to me that today is the middle of winter (well, by the calendar’s standards). It can only get warmer and sunnier from here right? Thank goodness for that.
My tea consumption has been directly reflecting this situation. As well as my favourite Madam Flavour -Jasmine Green tea with Pear, I’ve found myself loving the Vanilla Sleepytime tea by Celestial Seasons -I don’t know how on earth I only just tried this tea for the first time, I have known this brand for my whole life. I have always dealt with insomnia and vanilla is my fave! It’s like this tea was designed for me.  Ooooh yum.
Now, I’ve been learning a lot about the vitamins and nutrients in food and can I tell you something? Liver is the biggest superfood that ever was!
But offal is a no go zone for me, theres this mental barrier against it. It just freaks me out. But since liver has super high levels of essentially every vitamin, we could all forgo the morning’s green smoothie and just bring some pâté to your next dinner party. Joel was right into the idea and when we saw some organic frozen chicken livers at our health food store he jumped at the chance.
Now I must admit, it actually tasted quite nice once he was done with it. But it is going to take me a while to get over the mental ickiness of eating organs and consent to eating some at my own free will. But if you are cool with the idea, make some for yourself! It is just so good for you. But of course make sure that it is organic, as the liver is first in line to store and deal with toxins.

My weekend adventure consisted of dropping our lovely housemate to the airport as he was headed for New Zealand and taking his van to the Macedon ranges and sleeping in the bush. The rain, hail and extremely low temps didn’t get us down as it kind of just added to the experience. The last time I slept in a van was when I was in New Zealand, and I was more than happy to evoke those memories. It felt very similar this time round, we even found some more weird mushrooms! Nature continued to amaze us, as we were delighting in a morning bush walk between bursts of rain we saw trees frothing. Tiny bubbles were coming out of the trees, like little suds. What is that about?



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