Sugar Free, Week six – Adding fruit back into the mix!

Ah I have been hanging out for this week!
Yay finally here, it has felt like Christmas – 3 more sleeps ’till strawberries. Smoothies here I come. My little bullet blender has had quite the hibernation.

Welcome back berries, fruit, rice malt syrup, stevia, my new friend dextrose and…. onions. -Who knew they had so much fructose? I only found out yesterday.

I am expecting my happiness and creativity levels to be boosted by at least 300% with this freedom. In celebration of the more relaxed (natural) sugar standards I have outdone myself by making Prickly Pear Custard Mini Tarts [check the Food & Beverages page for the recipe] and am planing on making some muffins. But I will still need to stay in check and not go on a fructose frenzy.

Natural ingredients aren’t exclusive to my digestive system though, I have become quite interested in the realm of natural skincare and makeup. I generally don’t wear a lot of makeup anyway, but if I ever do it is nice to know that it could actually be benefiting my skin! That’s how it should be right?
I don’t know who the sneaky mastermind is who first talked us into smearing chemicals all over our faces, but now it is going to stop. At least for me.
I have already been right in to natural cleansers, face masks, moisturisers and even toothpaste for a long time, but when it came to my daily MAC concealer- the indigents list was indecipherable.  All the good things I had going with my skincare routine might have been compromised by that tiny product + a few others. So during the past few weeks I have built up an impressive little natural makeup collection. And that’s not all, I have started to make my own makeup! But that’s a whole other story in itself.


I sat in on my friends’ iridology class the other day after I finished my herbal medicine exam, and eyes are so incredibly amazing! I was used as an eye model for a little bit and was told that I was prone to developing diabetes and I had a overload of sugar in my system that was clearing. How amazing is that! Thank goodness I started this sugar free lifestyle, otherwise a few years down the track and I could be pre-diabetic. It wasn’t a big shock as diabetes is in my family, but I was amazed that my eyes were already showing my sugar clearing progress.

Another thing that has been making me happy, is the discovery of Green Press just across the laneway from my college in the city. This place has incredible cold pressed juices, gorgeous organic salads and is finally a place where I feel confident to eat out. Hooray! But maybe not hooray for my wallet, organic comes as a cost.
Check these guys out here: Green Press

Joel & I went to see Arj Barker the other night, what a funny dude- does anyone else wish they brought out a new series of flight of the conchords? When I was doing my 10 month trip around the world a couple of years ago, one of the things I really missed was not having access to my mate’s DVD collection of it.

My berry cute header image is from Mount Royal Mint. They make the most adorable tiny stuffed animals. Check out their website here or search for them on Instagram.


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