Week five, feeling revived. (Sugar Free)

So hello world, I am back from the near-dead existence that was last week.
Yes it’s only three days into week 5, but already I can feel a drastic difference -and thank goodness for that.

Last week was an interesting week, and now that I am out the other side I feel I can dabble into the memories.
I was thoroughly in detox mode last week. And luckily I have been studying about the symptoms and effects of detox last semester in my naturopathy classes, so I wasn’t too frightened about what was happening to me. I felt fatigued, had headaches, nausea and aches and pains all over. I was irritable and essentially a walking zombie. But the worst thing that happened was dreadful insomnia. Surprisingly though, after my worst night with only 3 hours of sleep and class early in the morning, I delved into a tired yet peaceful existence and was quite happy during the day. (Very surprising insomnia side effect for me)

I also accidentally/intuitively started fasting for a few days – which impressed me, I think is great that my body knows what it wants and needs. Fasting can really speed along the detoxing period as it allows for your body to use its energy supply on repair instead of the break down and digestion of foods. Fasting when your body needs extra nourishment sounds a bit counterintuitive I know, but it does explain why people often don’t feel hungry when they are ill, or only want easily-digestible foods such as chicken soup.

This all happened while my boyfriend Joel was away for work, so I had to fend for myself for a few days. And (like the past two weeks) I had minimal desire to cook, and actually felt a bit anxious trying to come up with a meal since my world has been turned upside down with this sugar monster exposed. -I am really looking forward to next week when I get my beloved fruit and rice syrup back again.
A few days after Joel came home I really perked up, turns out all I just need is my own personal chef and this sugar free challenge is a breeze. And added bonus for him, he got to miss out on my detoxing zombie alter ego -although I may have kept him up on the phone during some of those said insomnia episodes.

But anyway, that’s all behind me now. At least until my next crazy detoxing scheme.
For now I am feeling pretty good… unless I get hungry.

I went a digestive health talk last night at one of my local health food stores, and apparently if we are doing all the right things we should be able to live up to 120! A fair bulk of the talk was on bacteria in the gut and its effects on the body. Did you know that the gut makes over 50% of the neurotransmitters for you brain? This includes serotonin -one of the neurotransmitters responsible for those happy feels. So we can see how important it is to keep the gut happy with a healthy balance of bacteria in the body. And from what they told me, it looks like I need to develop a taste for sauerkraut as that stuff has all sorts of good in it.
A girl watching the talk even gave me a recipe to make coconut yogurt, so I will definitely have to give that one a try.

I am very happy to say that I finally bought myself a skin brush and have started to dry skin brush before showers. I’m excited to utilise these benefits as it just makes so much sense to stimulate the lymph system to discharge all the nasties -or at least getting a good flow happening.

Week six I’m coming for you!


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