Week four, Sugar no more.

So week four has arrived, Hurrah! That means I have somewhat successfully survived my first week without ANY sugar or sweetness (natural or otherwise) entering my mouth. This means no fruit, no stevia no sugar substitutes. And it was hard. More so because I had absolutely no idea what to eat since I had lost confidence in any foods bought from the supermarket, and was too lethargic to do much about it. Thankfully my partner (who is also doing the challenge) made soup after soup after soup, full of vegetables, vitamins and minerals. -Otherwise who knows where I would be, possibly hiding under a table somewhere rocking gently a with a lone tear running down my cheek.

Last week was my hardest week yet, not only because of what I mentioned above, but because I felt quite ill from Thursday onwards. I have had a headache on and off until Sunday when it latched on for good and is still with me now. Goodness, you try and do something good for yourself and look what happens. I’m holding on to the hope that this is just part of the detoxing period. I have a whole lifetime of sugar causing mishap, so I’m not surprised that it could take my body a while to let go and readjust.

Speaking of detoxing, I tired those detox foot patches for the very first time this week. I’m not quite convinced that they work, but it was an interesting experience nonetheless. I definitely felt a pull and heat due to the patches and wanted to keep an open mind. After wearing them to bed, I was intrigued to find the blackened patch in the morning smelling like smokey char. And even though I washed my feet very well, it stuck with me until the evening when I made myself a detoxing foot bath. – And I can certainly recommend this.

For a detox foot bath, you will need:
-A bucket, or something more aesthetic & delicate
-Warm water
-Lavender oil
-Peppermint oil
-Epsom salts
-Bicarb soda
-Apple cider vinegar
-And the secret ingredient …….. Charcoal

The acidic and basic pH levels of  ACV and bicarb make a fun fizzy reaction (here’s a bit of chemistry for your evening). The whole experience is really relaxing and smells a treat.
Go on, spoil yourself.


5 thoughts on “Week four, Sugar no more.

  1. i did the same thing when i started my work out routine. however, i had a serious relapse which begun with a simple ‘oh i’ll just have small nibble of this cookie’ and ended in a massacre of sugar lololol! but yes, cutting sugar out makes one feel much better and adds to the healthy lifestyle! keepppp it up! you’re doing great!
    And please visit https://eatandtell1.wordpress.com/ for other food-related posts which you may find interesting! =] Bon Appetit!

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      1. well i cut sugar out completely .. cold turkey. and i thought ‘oh, a small bite of chocolate can’t hurt’.. but i was sadly mistaken. lol i ended up eating an entire bar of chocolate, some ice cream and soda.. to name a few. LOL.
        it was after that moment that i realized that you should keep a LITTLE sugar in your diet. not daily.. but definitely on and off throughout your routine.

        I hope you never have such a moment in your routine. =]

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  2. I thoroughly enjoyed your post. I haven’t read your past ones (yet). Are you doing a sugar cleanse or something more specific, like candida or GAPS?

    I remember the first time I did a full cleanse. I was convinced I was dying, but here I am today. I now find processed sugars disgusting and they give me an out of this world headache.

    Another great detoxer: Bentonite clay! You could also consider dry brushing.

    Stick with it. It is so worth it! And thanks for visiting my blog!

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    1. Oh Cheers, I’m so glad to hear that 🙂
      I’m just doing a sugar cleanse because I noticed I was being quite controlled by daily cravings and mood swings and thought enough is enough. (and to hopefully stop any sugar based issues in their tracks before they develop)

      Yes! I can totally understand that. My days are so up and down and it is hard to tell if it is related to the sugar freedom or not. How long did it take you to get to the other side?

      And thanks for the Bentonite clay tip, I need to get myself some. I keep using clay in face masks but it would be nice to take it a step further. And skin brushing has been popping up for me everywhere, I might go find a brush later today and jump on that train!

      Thanks for the encouragement, it’s lovely to hear from a fellow sugar free-er.
      Bless. ❤


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