Sugar free, week three!

Well well well, week three you say?
I have become overly suspicious about every pastry and savoury good out there. Waitresses are starting to look at me like a crazy person when I ask “Is there any sugar in the pastry of that mushroom triangle?”
“No I don’t think so”, they answer with an underlying smirk, “it is a savoury pie after all.” But I have my doubts. They don’t know what I know.

Besides becoming an undercover forensic sugar detective, I have thrown myself into my biochemistry and nutrition studies and for the first time in my life -doing my assignments early! My parents, peers and every teacher I’ve ever had will be just as surprised and impressed as I am.
I have been learning some interesting things about the B vitamins: and can tell you that if your energy levels are feeling low, your memory isn’t serving you to its full potential or you have been sipping too much alcohol or coffee -go ahead and take a B complex. You can thank me later.

Despite my own low energy and period woes, my boyfriend and I managed to make it out to the Dandenong Ranges and the 1000 steps (or more accurately 776 steps) and have a beautiful afternoon amongst nature at its finest. It is great to have a trained tour guide as a boyfriend as he managed to spot so many sneaky beauties that everyone else huffed past and missed. Giant blue and red parrots that made it seem like we were in the amazon, the tiniest and cutest little mushroom families and the most amazing mossy wonderlands.


But back to the IQS task at hand, this week I am cutting out all things remotely sweet. Goodbye my new friend Rice Malt Syrup, we have had a short but very sweet relationship. So long to the occasional tiny apple that saw me through the afternoons and farewell to the new tomato sauce I made, damn.
You can visit me again at week 6, but until then we must go on our own separate paths.

I have discovered (and now lost) a lovely treat last week. Heat some milk on the stove, add a few drops of vanilla, a generous spoon of dark dutch chocolate powder or raw cacao and add a teaspoon or two of rice malt syrup. Froth it up in a coffee plunger (did anyone else know they could froth milk?) and add a sprinkle of cinnamon. Delish!


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