Sugar free- Week Two!

Has is really only been one week since I officially started this thing? It feels like it has been forever. Maybe it’s because I was thinking about the challenge for so long before I started. But anyhoo, the calendar told me so- it has been one week… and one day.
People keep asking me, “is it hard?” And I have to say no. It’s really not. Unless you are trying to eat out. It is a sugar minefield out there -and it freaks me out.

I recently went out for dinner with a friend and went through so many menu options with the waiter, only to find a couple that are sugar free -I must have won the most annoying customer award. Keep in mind that this is dinner, and I was at Veggie Bar in Fitzroy, a restaurant that prided itself on being healthy. I had a raw vegetable stack and while it was tasty (for a salad), I was still so hungry and made myself a hearty sandwich when I got home. And as long as I never eat out again and never want to drizzle a sauce, dressing or other condiment on my food, this will be a piece of cake. A sugar free, gluten free cupcake. (Much like the ones I made last night).

With that in mind, I really want to make some mayonnaise and tomato sauce (alright guys I’m craving a burger), because everything in the supermarket is laced with so much sugar. Goodness, it’s the ‘savoury’ food you have got to look out for.

As for my sweet kicks, I’m doing fine now that my pantry is stocked with Rice Malt Syrup and I am finally using the stevia that has been lost in the cupboard. Although on some level I feel like I’m cheating by eating sweet things.

I thought the sugar detox wasn’t affecting me very much mentally/physically/emotionally but on second consideration maybe it is. There has been a few occasions this week where I have gotten frustrated, lethargic or held on to the grumps for a bit longer than I would have wanted. But it is so hard to tell whether it is just my silly brain, hormones or the cut off from sugarrr. Let’s face it, it’s probably a mixture of all.

I’ve committed to doing yoga at least every Tuesday night and going for a short run with our dog nearly every day, as well as riding to uni when the weather permits. So all in all it looks like it is going well in the fitness department. I will hopefully fit in a swim sometime this week too, although my passion for chlorine is at an all time low.
But enough from me, who else is doing this challenge or is reducing their sugar intake? I would love to know how everyone else is going.


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