Today’s the day

Yes, today is the big day and for more reasons than one. I start my 2nd semester of Naturopathy, but also it’s the first day of the I Quit SUGAR Challenge.
It was my intention to wean off sugary things over the past week as well, but this objective may have swung in the opposite direction as I accidentally adopted the mindset of ‘well it’s my last chance to eat [insert sugary delight]..’ So a couple of macaroons and a blueberry danish may have found their way to my oesophagus during the weekend.
Good riddance sugar my old pal, I am here to see you off and enter my new savoury lifestyle. Hmm, maybe it shouldn’t be worded quite like that.

To start the day off, my breakfast consisted of the best gluten-free toast I know of, from my local health food store down the road, chunky smooshed avocado with tiny quail eggs, rosemary and ghee fried mushrooms, topped off with salt & pepper and some basil from our garden.


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