Quitting the sweet stuff

Since I’m studying to become a Naturopath, I thought I better start behaving like one. In the past week I have decided to commit to the “I quit sugar” challenge for the rest of my life -well the next 2-8 weeks, lets see how it goes..

I thought I would do a check in at the start and all throughout the process to make sure I detail all the daily struggles of trying to live naturally. Why does it feel so ‘unnatural’?
For the past couple of months, I’ve had these very specific sugar cravings such as those beaut gourmet (Earl grey tea & Rose) donuts from Short Stop, those sneaky little apricot & coconut bites from the bulk food or health food store and more recently, straight up ice-cream drumsticks. Ah, the feels. But although my tastebuds go crazy for this stuff, apparently my skin does not. Break outs are inevitable with this sort of diet and right now is a prime example.

Also, I’ve subconsciously known for a while but only recently accepted how much sugar affects my mood and clarity.
-The other day I was eating particularly well until my partner Joel came home with some naughty sugary treats. I ate half a chocolate iced donut and half a chocolate eclair and was immediately put under the strangest spell. It felt like I was drunk or high but in the worst possible way. I felt like I couldn’t move or even talk. Very peculiar.
This must be happening every time I eat these things but I haven’t been present enough to notice before.
So enough of that little devil, wish me luck.FullSizeRender


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